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5 reasons why students switch campuses

The first four months of the program are almost over, another short break is in sight – but also the first mass movement of students across campuses is ahead. At the end of Period 2, the people who have spent four months together will now split, as some of them move to Fontainebleau, and others …

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Travel time after P1

Today is a quiet yet tense day at INSEAD. P1 is over and the first day of the exam period is in full swing. Everybody is concentrated on the 5 exams, to be taken in 3 days. The library is full of students almost throughout the night and you cannot find a free spot in …

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The first three weeks

Upon arriving in Singapore the question which worried me most was: “What am I going to do here and how will I feel in a completely new environment, so far and so different from Europe?”. I knew that Viktor, my fiancée, would be quite busy with his studies right from the start – so it was …

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