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Duck-Rabbit Singapore Campus


The students in my P4 elective, Management Decision Making (MDM), are currently working on their final group projects. As I’ve written on here before, the assignment is simply this: “Do anything you want as long as it helps yourself, your classmates, and perhaps even people outside of the course better remember the course material.” In …

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Graduation and Moving On

In a week’s time, I will be congratulating almost 500 students on receiving their MBA degrees in Singapore and Fontainebleau.  It’s always a special day for the students, faculty and administration, and this time around, particularly poignant for me as I bid farewell to the Deanship.  It’s been an exciting, stimulating and intense three years …

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Viral videos about the INSEAD MBA Experience

I teach a course called ASMS: Advertising & Social Media Strategy. I’ve been teaching this now since early 2010 and have gone through the 10J, 10D, 11J, and now 11D promotions at INSEAD. A new “experiment” in the course for the current 11D group here in Fontainebleau has been to challenge them in their project …

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