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Three Words to Describe the First Three Months

The Business School for the World. What is business? What is the world? What can I learn at INSEAD? I asked myself these questions over and again before I considered applying for INSEAD. I am Noriko – Japanese by birth and ethnicity… Continue Reading →

Three first findings on the MBA journey

As an MBA blog fanatic and long time reader of blogs, writing this post is a momentous occasion. Since I started my MBA journey, I have moved from applicant to candidate to student, and now two months into the program,… Continue Reading →

Time is Flying – Six Weeks In!

With six weeks into INSEAD and P1 coming to an end, it is probably a good time to introspect on the learnings so far. The schedule has been intense right from orientation week and any available time is spent in… Continue Reading →

What is INSEAD like? Well, it’s like the Land Rover Evoque

I’m pretty sure you would agree that there’s seemingly not much in common between INSEAD and a baby Range Rover. For instance, INSEAD doesn’t come with an interior designed by Victoria Beckham, nor does it have a 4-wheel drive system…. Continue Reading →

On International Matters, INSEAD Means Business

An American, Dutch, Bangladeshi, Italian, Chinese and Israeli walk into a bar… sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, right? Well, if it is, INSEAD, the world’s #1 business school for 2016, must really like such jokes. Here, these… Continue Reading →

First and second important steps to becoming an INSEADer

Hello to all the readers, I’m Pongpunt Tantijunykul from Bangkok, Thailand. Before I came to INSEAD, I worked in marketing for automotive lubricants for the Chinese market at PTT (formerly known as the Petroleum Authority of Thailand). As this is… Continue Reading →

Quiet Moments

My undergraduate university’s idea of “orientation” was to stick groups of 8-10 freshmen in the middle of the White Mountains for a week with no professional guidance (and really, limited guidance of any sort), and on multiple occasions throughout the… Continue Reading →

Six Not-So-Random Things About INSEAD

Hey everyone! I am Anson and I am part of the July 2017 graduating class at INSEAD starting at the Singapore campus. It is October and that means I am half way through P1 and one-tenth through the program (yes,… Continue Reading →

Is your Significant Other thinking of attending INSEAD?

MBA programs, or B-schools, have negative connotations when it comes to maintaining personal relationships. However this is rarely the case, and most of the time it is quite the opposite. The potentials of personal and professional rewards as a Partner… Continue Reading →

Champagne, Bootcamp & Splash

I can’t believe it’s been more than a month since I started at INSEAD! Time is flying, work is piling up, and social events are getting more and more fun/frequent (parties, BBQ’s, trips across South East Asia, cocktails, company presentations,… Continue Reading →

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