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Villa Vivanté (and other Fontainebleau accommodation tips)

Je suis arrivé à Fontainebleau! Actually, I arrived a little over a month ago, but my new life at INSEAD has flown by faster than a New York Minute. It’s only now that I have finally found a moment to stop… Continue Reading →

Echoes of Islamic Finance in Piketty, Porter, and Lagarde

For most people when hearing about Islamic finance for the first time, the new term usually begs the question, “What’s different about Islamic finance compared to regular finance?” I get asked this question quite often, and it’s difficult to know… Continue Reading →

INSEAD: First Impressions of Fontainebleau

When describing life at INSEAD, students and alumni often talk about the world-class courses and professors, the enriching extra-curricular activities, and the outstanding career services. After an exciting kick-off to the program these first two weeks with a variety of… Continue Reading →

Start-up bootcamp: is it for you?

One of the first emails I received upon arriving on campus was for a weekend-long ‘start-up boot camp’. 7pm Friday night to 7pm Sunday night with strict instructions that there would be no free time for anything else over the… Continue Reading →

The INSEAD MBA Experience Arrives in Abu Dhabi!

After 10 days of travelling through the relative wilderness of East Africa, my Etihad flight made a smooth landing at Abu Dhabi’s International Airport. My journey to a brand new continent had just ended, but another, entirely different adventure was… Continue Reading →


Ah INSEAD…. So unique that it’s hard to describe it to other people sometimes. The diversity, the pace, the combination of hard work and social life… but what makes INSEAD stand apart (and be the BEST MBA IN THE WORLD)… Continue Reading →

The day we became #1

Monday, January 25 of 2016, 7:27 AM I reach INSEAD’s Singapore campus late for a gym class and for the start of another crazy packed week of school. There are balloons in the hallway, in different shades of green. I… Continue Reading →

Zero Taxes vs Social Impact – A Letter to Pauline

Below is Pauline’s latest email: “Raconte.” One word that calls for many. Pauline is French and she lives in Paris. She is a friend of mine, and a former colleague. We used to work for the same newspaper, she as a… Continue Reading →

Reboot in Realworld Mode

I am a month removed from the joyous graduation of the 15D promotion, which has given some time for the euphoria to dissipate and objective reflection to be undertaken. I will attempt to avoid the stereotypical words and phrases that… Continue Reading →

Splash Project: building a new MBA community

So here we are during the Welcome Week, trying to process an overwhelming amount of information and discovering our new classmates who all tend to have unsuspected backgrounds, nationalities and hobbies. 75 different nationalities are represented this year in our… Continue Reading →

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