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By Naz Mirza, partner of Rashad Mirzayev, INSEAD MBA’14D Pamela Druckerman, Gina Ford and Lucy Atkins are just some of the major names that have somehow shaped the minds of so many parents all around the world: from Azerbaijan to… Continue Reading →

Is a one-year MBA programme really for you?

One of the things that really appealed to me about INSEAD was that it was a one-year MBA programme. I’ve worked a good while, I’ve travelled, I’ve partied, and I’ve spent a lot of time figuring out what I want… Continue Reading →

The INSEAD-USA exchange bubble

While a lot of INSEADers will be scurrying back and forth between Singy and Fonty, a mere few will be debating if it is worth going to the U S of A for an exchange. I have been asked by… Continue Reading →

The INSEAD Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

Like many of my peers at INSEAD, one of the many reasons I applied to the MBA program was to test out my own venture ideas and test the entrepreneurial waters on my own. Of course, any successful entrepreneur will… Continue Reading →

The world famous DASH!

Out of all of the INSEAD slang words, “DASH” was one of the terms I learnt way before I even applied. A friend who was studying at INSEAD was telling me about all these amazing things that were happening at… Continue Reading →

Reflections: My first period at INSEAD

It has been 10 weeks since I started my MBA programme at INSEAD. A couple of folks have asked me how the journey has been so far and most times I find it hard to explain. I will take a… Continue Reading →

Ski Trip to Chamonix

A vlog of my recent trip to Chamonix in France with my MBA friends from INSEAD! We spent 3 days skiing in Chamonix over the long weekend just before our first block of exams started. Very responsible of us, right?… Continue Reading →

Discover Israel: Start-up Nation

Israel is a remarkable, fascinating and controversial country, bursting with energy, innovation, attractions and interesting challenges. With (by far) the highest number of start-ups per capita of any country, and massive venture capital investments, Israel is one of the world’s… Continue Reading →

Villa Vivanté (and other Fontainebleau accommodation tips)

Je suis arrivé à Fontainebleau! Actually, I arrived a little over a month ago, but my new life at INSEAD has flown by faster than a New York Minute. It’s only now that I have finally found a moment to stop… Continue Reading →

Echoes of Islamic Finance in Piketty, Porter, and Lagarde

For most people when hearing about Islamic finance for the first time, the new term usually begs the question, “What’s different about Islamic finance compared to regular finance?” I get asked this question quite often, and it’s difficult to know… Continue Reading →

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