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Organizing the Latin America MBA Career Fair at INSEAD

During the process of choosing an MBA, networking and the relevance of the school in our after-MBA target region are always taken into account. However, no matter how much research we do, there are always some activities, carried out by… Continue Reading →

Getting to a Deeper Level When There’s No Time

Everyone who has been through an MBA knows that this is one of “the best years of your life” – from the academic education in the classroom to the social life outside of it and everything in between. I don’t… Continue Reading →

Joining London VCs Trek

Arriving at Gare de Lyon in Paris to take the Eurostar to London, I met a couple of INSEAD MBA students and started to realize why the UK is the most popular destination after graduation. It was our P4/P5 Break,… Continue Reading →

To BFP or not to BFP

One of the earliest decisions I had to make on my INSEAD journey was whether or not to go for the Business Foundations Program (hereon referred to as BFP). The program is a week-long intensive taken at an additional cost… Continue Reading →

And we’re halfway there!

Hi everyone! Glad to see you back on this website reading our lovely blog entries. First, I would like to say that hosting an event for 200 people is very difficult when we are given a $0 budget. How would… Continue Reading →

Bruised, battered, happy

It’s official. A month has passed in what seems like a second. How am I doing? Well, definitely bruised and battered—my sleep debt has quadrupled, my blood pressure went up thanks to mid-terms, my liver is starting to protest, and… Continue Reading →

How I decided to apply to INSEAD

MBA Splash Project. Photo by Andreas Lehmann. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am an American citizen who grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia from age 4 to 9. Before and after that, I was born and… Continue Reading →

6 tips for a successful “FOMO” detox at INSEAD

We’ve learned many colloquialisms since we stepped foot on the INSEAD campus: breakout rooms, Dash, splash, Renaissance, lunch roulette, Fonty. But one word seems to stand out though: FOMO a.k.a. fear of missing out. There’s no cure for it, but here are a… Continue Reading →

1st Lesson in Business School – Prioritization and Time Optimization

The first few weeks at INSEAD have moved incredibly fast; it’s surreal to think we’re already almost halfway through our first period of classes and coming up on midterms next week. Everyone I talked to before I arrived warned me… Continue Reading →

Around the world in 10 months at INSEAD

To all the people hesitating between an MBA and a one-year trip around the world, I now have the official solution—go to INSEAD!  Before last year, I thought that I either had to focus on my career and education, or… Continue Reading →

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