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Welcome to the worldwide INSEAD community ! Yes, we made it. It has been a long journey. From sleepless GMAT preparations to nerve-wracking interviews, we, 17D, managed to survive. And, I think we deserve some proper celebrations. Before dealing with… Continue Reading →

Where did it all begin?

What are the classes going to be like? What kind of experience will it be to meet and make friends with people from so many different countries all over the world? Am I going to stay on top of everything?… Continue Reading →

Are you my alma mater?

Finding the right MBA program is like finding the family that speaks your language. They may not look or talk like you, but you feel “at home” because they understand and value you. I knew that INSEAD was the only… Continue Reading →

Why and How Did I Go ALL-IN-SEAD?

Some experiences are life-changing. At times, such experiences can be nothing more than a mere interaction; and even more so, a mere conversation. Walking down my memory lane, I can root my decision of coming to INSEAD to one such… Continue Reading →

What would you do if you had all the money you ever needed?

What would you do if you had all the money you ever needed? Or in other words, if you never had to think about earning money to fulfill your needs and wants, what would you think about? What would you… Continue Reading →

Why not INSEAD!

It was sometime around July 2015 when I once again decided to apply for MBA courses after a gap of almost 3 years. I had tried applying to a few schools in 2012 but it didn’t really work out because… Continue Reading →

Countdown to an exciting start

15 days and counting… I will officially start my MBA journey as INSEAD MBA’17D candidate very soon! Time literally flew by since I received one of the most pleasant calls from the INSEAD admissions officer notifying me that I was… Continue Reading →

The 89 percent

Poll results from an INSEAD Class of December 2017 survey claim that 89% of my classmates are “career changers” which means that the vast majority of my classmates intend to move into a new function, industry, or country after we… Continue Reading →

Stairway to INSEAD

If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse. – Jim Rohn I’ll let you in on a secret. INSEAD has been on my “to- do” for a long time. I was… Continue Reading →

“Disruption” and “Innovation” are Overrated

Having just concluded INSEAD Fintech Club’s first company trek (we visited Aviva Digital Garage, Curve, iwoca, Techstars, TransferWise, and VentureFounders) I thought it would be interesting to get a sense of what participants thought about the visits. After plugging in the… Continue Reading →

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