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Ten things I wish I knew before starting my MBA

Expect to learn a lot in a short time A one-year programme that teaches 80% of what a two-year programme does is something achievable only at INSEAD. I was quite skeptical when I first started my MBA but I soon… Continue Reading →

“Getting By on My own Invention” by INSEAD INSIDER

Below is an interview with Sid Ram, a 17J from South Africa It’s the end of P1 and exam season is in full swing. A cloud of nervous energy and puffs of cigarette smoke engulf the tropical Singapore campus. Most… Continue Reading →

Should you invest in Leveraged Buyout? Or in a Private Island?

Return on Invested Capital, Return on Equity, Cost Opportunity. Here are some of the terms that we somewhat became familiar with, and that are used on a daily basis after 2 months in the INSEAD MBA. Actually, looking back, it’s… Continue Reading →

Discover your Inner Entrepreneur

Entering INSEAD as a 16J Partner, I viewed the coming year as an endless stream of potential paths, but one avenue I didn’t expect to go down was towards the start-up world. However, one can say that at INSEAD there… Continue Reading →

Diversity at INSEAD and the people you meet

When I was researching about MBA schools last year, I asked alumni what made INSEAD so special from others.  Diversity, they said. You will not find more nationalities in a single location anywhere else than INSEAD. The international outlook it… Continue Reading →

Singapore’s Best Cocktail Bars for Study Group Outings

Your study group is an integral of the INSEAD learning experience. The group consists of 5-6 diverse MBA students who sit next to each other in every core course class, jointly deliver assignments and compete against other teams in simulation games…. Continue Reading →


A few weeks ago, on a Saturday morning, I was standing in front of 500+ alumni; ready to deliver my speech during the Alumni Reunion. I have always dreaded public speaking. Yet there I was, out of my comfort zone,… Continue Reading →

Sailing and Business

Hi all, The INSEAD Sailing Club is part of the wide range of the student-run clubs. Its mission is to foster team spirit, leadership and global networking through sailing. We accomplish this mission through several activities:        … Continue Reading →

La rentrée

At the end of October, I am just starting to reflect on “la rentrée,” the French term for the return to school and work after the usual month-long summer holidays in France. In unofficial terms, this is when the country… Continue Reading →

This is INSEAD Time

Before leaving for school, people told me about the phenomenon that is called “INSEAD FOMO”, and that I should learn to fight it. I was also told that the FOMO is a by-product of INSEAD time: time that is both… Continue Reading →

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