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Getting to a Deeper Level When There’s No Time

Everyone who has been through an MBA knows that this is one of “the best years of your life” – from the academic education in the classroom to the social life outside of it and everything in between. I don’t… Continue Reading →

Joining London VCs Trek

Arriving at Gare de Lyon in Paris to take the Eurostar to London, I met a couple of INSEAD MBA students and started to realize why the UK is the most popular destination after graduation. It was our P4/P5 Break,… Continue Reading →

To BFP or not to BFP

One of the earliest decisions I had to make on my INSEAD journey was whether or not to go for the Business Foundations Program (hereon referred to as BFP). The program is a week-long intensive taken at an additional cost… Continue Reading →

And we’re halfway there!

Hi everyone! Glad to see you back on this website reading our lovely blog entries. First, I would like to say that hosting an event for 200 people is very difficult when we are given a $0 budget. How would… Continue Reading →

Bruised, battered, happy

It’s official. A month has passed in what seems like a second. How am I doing? Well, definitely bruised and battered—my sleep debt has quadrupled, my blood pressure went up thanks to mid-terms, my liver is starting to protest, and… Continue Reading →

How I decided to apply to INSEAD

MBA Splash Project. Photo by Andreas Lehmann. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am an American citizen who grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia from age 4 to 9. Before and after that, I was born and… Continue Reading →

6 tips for a successful “FOMO” detox at INSEAD

We’ve learned many colloquialisms since we stepped foot on the INSEAD campus: breakout rooms, Dash, splash, Renaissance, lunch roulette, Fonty. But one word seems to stand out though: FOMO a.k.a. fear of missing out. There’s no cure for it, but here are a… Continue Reading →

1st Lesson in Business School – Prioritization and Time Optimization

The first few weeks at INSEAD have moved incredibly fast; it’s surreal to think we’re already almost halfway through our first period of classes and coming up on midterms next week. Everyone I talked to before I arrived warned me… Continue Reading →

Around the world in 10 months at INSEAD

To all the people hesitating between an MBA and a one-year trip around the world, I now have the official solution—go to INSEAD!  Before last year, I thought that I either had to focus on my career and education, or… Continue Reading →

Cultural Explorations in Uganda

Having studied and worked all my life in and around Montreal, INSEAD is my gateway to international opportunities. So much learned in the first half of the MBA. As practice makes perfect, why not a summer internship to practice all… Continue Reading →

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