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6 tips for a successful “FOMO” detox at INSEAD

We’ve learned many colloquialisms since we stepped foot on the INSEAD campus: breakout rooms, Dash, splash, Renaissance, lunch roulette, Fonty. But one word seems to stand out though: FOMO a.k.a. fear of missing out. There’s no cure for it, but here are a… Continue Reading →

Around the world in 10 months at INSEAD

To all the people hesitating between an MBA and a one-year trip around the world, I now have the official solution—go to INSEAD!  Before last year, I thought that I either had to focus on my career and education, or… Continue Reading →

We are never alone

A very pleasant call Months ago, riding my bicycle down through Av. Faria Lima in São Paulo, I received a call from INSEAD. That was the yes-you’ve-been-approved call I’d been anxiously waiting for. Applying for a top business school is definitely… Continue Reading →

B School Smarties: Classes, Classmates & What to Expect

We’ve already passed the midway point for P1 for the 14Js here at INSEAD – a kind of crazy realization for me because of the perpetual time warp feeling here (you will always feel like you both just arrived and… Continue Reading →

..and it’s already P2!

I have just returned from the break between P1 and P2. One period has gone and what is true is that it goes by so fast. But it’s dense, so full of everything. It’s international. Everyone knows that and many… Continue Reading →

Week 1 @ INSEAD – Finding my feet in a mad world

Week 1 at INSEAD just concluded. Finally some time to breathe and blog… #WeatherUpdate: Some snow with temperature between -5 and 5 degrees C #FoodUpdate: Salmon is the week’s winner followed by tandoori chicken <food IS a very important part of life… Continue Reading →

Can Asian palates survive in Fonty?

Now there’s an often unconsidered, but life-changing question! For an Asian city mouse like me, adjusting to Fonty’s food situation was initially disastrous. I’m used to 2AM drive-ins at 24/7 fast food joints, scrumptious hawker fare at rock-bottom prices, and… Continue Reading →

How to Settle into Fonty

I came to Fonty a week before orientation, hoping to buckle down in relative tranquility before classes began. And hoo boy, have I been settling in. I’ve been to a party, group dinner or celebration every other night – often… Continue Reading →

Moving just down the road…

Leaving Paris?? Unlike many of the INSEAD students, we already were living in France before the MBA application process even started, so maybe on first impressions this does not seem such a big adjustment. However, Fontainebleau is 60km south of… Continue Reading →

Week 0 – Getting to know Fontainebleau

Getting out of Gare de Lyon, in Paris I felt almost like I had been transported back in time 50 years. The magnificent architecture, the cobblestone roads and the narrow winding lanes all spoke of an bygone era. If you have never… Continue Reading →

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