Those who know me for some time know that Mexico and the Latin American culture have a special place in my heart. I once interned at 7-Eleven in Monterrey, Mexico where I learned a great deal about friendship across language barriers. Even though my Spanish has gotten quite rusty since that summer, the memories still run deep. This is why after months of anticipation and reggaeton deprivation, the Latin week at INSEAD is especially exhilarating.

Like all things INSEAD, one good thing is simply incomplete without another equally attractive and competing opportunity. Naturally Latin week had to land on the same weekend as the annual school Olympic sponsored by the Boston Consulting Group. So before the capoeira performers and capirinha could arrive, one had to clear juuust a few more hurdles, group assignments/job deadlines/cases/recruiting events. And because we are all overcompensating from our incredibly boring pre-MBA lives, a rock band somehow managed to rise from the fumes that many seem to be running on. Perhaps it is only fitting, then, that this last minute INSEAD band be named the “FOMO-Sapiens.”

Thanks to the marvels of technology and social media, the events leading up to this SLAMMIN’ weekend can be now retold with fewer words.

Here’s a music video to my friends near and far – from Singapore with love.