Wouter KneepkensI started P4 back in Fontainebleau and immediately felt like being back home: we had a warm welcome from our friends in our house, were right back in our lives in the French country side, met a lot of our friends again after having missed them for 2.5 months. However the past few weeks were definitely different, primarily on two points.

Firstly for my class (11 J’s) the mindless fun is over, the recruitment season is here. All of a sudden people can not make group meetings, drinks, dinners or generally have to run because they have mock-interviews, real interviews or need to attend company presentations. Some of my friends with consulting backgrounds seem to spend at least half their time helping out those that want to get into consulting. The campus is buzzing with suits and now and then nervous laughter… With the bulk of the actual interviews coming up in the next two weeks this will probably only intensify!

Personally I am just an onlooker with respect to this spectacle, no recruitment for me. I’m still part of the ever small pool of guys focused on entrepreneurial futures (although some “recruiters” are only trying to get job offers as a fallback). This brings me to the second difference, where in the past I was a full-time student, with the lower amount of classes I almost feel a full-time entrepreneur and part-time student. Vooxl (the “business”) is by now easily taking more than 50% of my time.

So whether you’re an entrepreneur or jobseekers, P4 (and P5) promise to be interesting times here at INSEAD. I will keep you posted!