This time is special as the campus-switching period has started. After spending 4 months with the same people, our paths are starting to diverge. Some are going to Fontainebleau, some are staying in Singapore. This is one of the unique characteristics of INSEAD: having the possibility of doing the MBA in two totally different but interesting campuses. Next periods will be even “worse” with some people spending 2 months at either Kellogg or Wharton in the US.

Not surprisingly, the mood on campus has been a little bit emotional. Starting one week ago with the traditional “Black or white” Monday, in which everybody on campus had to wear a color according to their P3 destination, the last week has been spent doing a classification of our mates: “See u in P3!”, “See you later in the year!”, “Will I see you again?”. The last category is slightly sad, but because of different priorities for the switch there are quite a few people in that category for me. However, this will also be an excellent excuse to visit one of the more than 80 countries represented at INSEAD!

The week continued with 6 tough final exams for the second period, which made people spend insane hours in the library and break-out rooms (small rooms perfectly suited to study with your group up to 6 people) including the whole weekend. Finally, we had small section-based farewell parties (sponsored by the student fines for arriving late to class and having their mobile phone turned on during class) and the final party including the live performance of the FOMO-Sapiens INSEAD band.

I also felt emotional these days, but my rational side also is giving me quite a few good reasons to be happy and excited about the next period. We are only one third through the program and through this super exciting year. I don’t believe the pace is going to decrease; as a switcher, I’m going to know a new campus, full of new interesting people to meet, and close to one of the most charming cities in the world. We are also starting the elective period so we can tailor the program closer to our tastes and objectives, making it even more appealing.

Although slightly sad for how quick this is going, I gladly welcome P3!