Hi All,

Fontainebleau campus has been enjoying an early and warm spring.  Israeli national week has turned campus into the beach and one could forget that we were some kilometres away from the sea side. It is now time for the exams before another short break will start.  The MBA Financing Office has been extremely busy evaluating scholarship applications from admission rounds 1 and 2 in the July 12 Class. Majority of the decisions have been communicated and Round 3 applicants are now applying for aid in their turn.  It won’t be long before the next July Class will arrive on campus.

There are a couple of new scholarships that I would like to mention to you. The first one is the INSEAD Pereira Endowed scholarship.   Alumnus Paolo Cartucho Pereira MBA ’87J has donated this fund at INSEAD targeted at candidates from Portugal. The fund will assist INSEAD to attract the best and the brightest participants from Portugal to attend its MBA programme. If there are no candidates from Portugal in a given year, the scholarship will be allocated to other MBA applicants in keeping with the school’s goal to attract diverse participants who meet its high standards of admission.

Another scholarship is for a different region: INSEAD Ian Potter ’93D and Family Endowed Asian Scholarship. Ian Potter ’93D has created an endowed scholarship fund for Asian nationals who join the MBA Programme on the Asian Campus in Singapore. The scholarship is restricted to candidates from East Asia, South Asia (including Pakistan and India) and Southeast Asia. Preference will be given to candidates from developing countries within the above Asian regions, with a positive bias towards Singaporeans and wherever appropriate to women. The scholarship targets candidates in need.

Watch out for the new scholarships that become available and those of you that will be looking for a loan to finance the studies, please don’t forget about the Prodigy Finance loan that doesn’t require any guarantee: http://www.prodigyfinance.com/web/Insead.aspx?l1=40&l2=10

Stay tuned and enjoy the spring.