It is week 3 already. We’re getting the hang of things (or so we think), routines are slowly developing but classes are still coming at us hard and fast. I think they may actually be accelerating. We got a slight moment of reprieve this weekend and a few of us are using the time to take a breather while others have decided to take full advantage of it by discovering different parts of Asia by going to Ho Chi Minh City or Bali. For myself, I feel like this is the point where a lot of the courses are slowly coming together, most notably Financial Markets and Valuations and Financial Accounting. In a few short weeks, we have moved away from understanding the mechanical and technical portion of the subjects and are slowly grappling with the idea of how to use the rudimentary tools we have acquired to discover what it all means and to see the bigger picture. I am by no means saying it is getting easier but it is getting more and more interesting. Much like our time here adapting to life at INSEAD. We’ve gone through the Forming (the Honeymoon phase) portion of our acclimatization here in our new adopted campus and P1, we’re now trying to go through the Storming and Norming portions which I’ve heard is much more challenging but infinitely more interesting.

Speaking of which, on to Korean National Week!