One month into the programme and now it is time to decide on campus exchange. Should I go to Singapore? If so, for how long? How about Wharton or Kellogg?

Picking a campus to start your programme will be a question of convenience at the end of the day. Deciding on campus exchange needs some more reflection. Any INSEAD student or alumnus will have a lot to say about whether, where and for how long you should exchange. And the truth is that there are many variables you have to take into account to make your individual choice. INSEAD will give you tips to help you figure out what matches your profile, but the ultimate decision is yours and you should know that some trade-offs might appear.

Having the possibility to study on two campuses was one of the many reasons why I applied only to INSEAD. My opinion is that unless you have real constraints, as for instance your partner and kids not being able to move along with you, you should definitely take advantage of this unique opportunity. INSEAD holds a session on campus exchange where you will receive insightful information to help you make your decision. Among others I would like to highlight the two that were decisive to me. If you are open with regard to where to work after graduation, it might be better to spend P4-P5 in Singapore because unlike European and American companies, who tend to be more open to videoconference interviews, Asian employers will prefer face-to-face meetings. You should also consider the sector you are targeting. While manufacturing industries tend to have a local approach, banks and consulting companies are more likely to recruit people to work in different locations from where they are currently located. Given my experience in Brazil and Europe, it makes sense for me to spend as much time as possible in Singapore, from where I can explore opportunities in Asia. No matter what your decision might be, keep in mind there is no right answer and there will be trade-offs regardless of what you decide. Figuring out your personal best choice is a great exercise to the decisions you will have to make in your future professional career. Take advantage of it!