In my country we say that if a person smiles without a reason, he’s a fool. Well, according to my national standards, I must be a complete idiot :). The first 3 weeks passed by like 1 minute and all I remember about it is new names and faces (ok, I actually don’t remember names at all, rather my efforts to memorize them). It is true that the most important thing about MBA is getting to know new people and making contacts. Well, the class of 12D has learnt this lesson very quickly. Friend-hunting is going full-speed: people are getting acquainted in the canteen, at the parties, during the classes and at more exotic places.

There are 2 major communicating strategies: 1) get to know as many people as possible; 2) make friends with a limited number of people particularly interesting to you. As you may imagine, extraverts usually choose method #1, while introverts try to stick to option 2. And I still have no idea what’s best for me, as I’m still lost in translation, sensu stricto :). Living with Russians, studying in English and trying to negotiate in French at the Sunday food market is not easy. Languages are mixing in my head and I’ve already shocked several of my classmates trying to explain them statistics problems in Dostoyevsky’s language :). What to do in such a situation? Well, I’m following the Madagascar’s penguins advice – I keep smiling ;).