So here we are already at the first set of exams for 12D. Time flies at INSEAD !!!

Classes for some subjects are already over and some Profs never to be seen again. I saw one video made by section E6 that was a funny take off of a professor with some excellent rapping accompaniment by one of the guys in T.’s study group– apparently the Prof. even almost welled up at the ‘compliment’.

The J12 intake finished their P3 last week (OK please note you need to get into the jargon here! J12 = class graduating in July 2012) and those that were leaving for their P4 in Singapore have now gone off to warmer climes. “But it feels like we only just met”… You just learn really fast to make the absolute most of your time here that’s for sure.

Talking of Singapore, the deadlines have just passed for the campus exchange decision processes – we decided eventually, and after much late night discussion, to spend three periods on the Singapore campus (P3, P4 and P5). Our original plan was to go to Singapore only in P5 (November and December) but we would have had to bid more points as that campus is apparently highly sought after at the end of the year. Could that be something to do with the weather in Europe maybe?? In any case, if you opt to spend all three periods on the other campus you don’t have to bid as many points, so T. preferred to keep some points for electives down the road and instead be sure of our location. It is a good decision made and has made us feel much more in charge of our destiny, at least for this year. In fact we have already since found an apartment share over there with an Italian couple so looking forward already to lots of pasta…rental prices seem to be double those in Fonty so the compromise is to share. This should however be a great way of getting to know people and convenient, too, as it is walking distance to campus apparently.

So all these decisions made, it was time this week for the first set of exams. And so on Monday morning the campus seemed strangely quiet, but in the gym** there were several partners all at once making the most of the chance to workout after a stressful weekend. Not our stress of course.

**I need to mention there is a great gym here, lots of quality machines, a few classes and even a sauna and steamroom. Coming from Paris the light and affordability is such a step up if you excuse the pun.