It is slowly hitting me that there are about 3 more weeks of P2 and then it’ll be time for the great migration where some of us will be leaving to France, others will be going to Singapore. It does seem rather quick and I am sort of dreading it as my section mates are becoming more and more of a family. We just had the BCG Olympics at Sentosa which was quite a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon. We spent some much needed time in the sun playing beach volleyball, soccer, dodge ball and engaging in some photographic silliness. These activities gave us a chance to see each other in a different environment where competition and teamwork really helped bring our section closer together.

In the meantime, classes are slowly congealing together. Cases are being cross-referenced and concepts are being shared across different profs. It seems that a lot of P2’s classes are fitting together to give us a richer picture of these business concepts. On the one hand, it does allow us to look at the same issue from multiple perspectives, on the other hand, it sometimes gets a bit confusing which concepts to apply to each case. I suppose that is the point. INSEAD is teaching us to apply everything we’ve learned holistically and that does seem to be working very well. We are putting those concepts in practice and at times, it even peppers our day-to-day conversations. Somehow I feel that these concepts and these memories will stay with us long after the exams.