Today I’d like to continue my series of questions & answers for prospective students, see here for part 1.

5. Which top companies have come to the campus for the 2012 batch(apart from the top Consulting firms)? Any tech companies??

Google, Facebook, Amazon, eBay, Groupon – all the main companies came for recruiting. This was sometimes preceded with on-campus presentations but the norm was to have the jobs listed on the campus recruitment website.  

 6.      What role does internship play in full time placements? According to the INSEAD recruitment report, only 4% of summer jobs turn into full time? Does this mean only 4% internship offers are converted to full time or did I read this incorrectly?
I believe the number is higher. Almost all the finance and consulting internships are converted to full time. In terms of the full time placements, a summer internship is most useful when you are looking to switch sectors or job function post INSEAD. It shows potential employers that you are serious about working in that field. It also helps with switching career tracks because in many sectors, companies hesitate from hiring a candidate who has no experience in that sector.
7. Is it true that an INSEAD MBA covers 80% of the course of a 2 year MBA course albeit in just one year? In most of the US business schools, you have classes on Monday-Thurs and Fri is dedicated to recruitment networking. How is it at INSEAD?
Since everything is condensed most of your day will be full of activities. You could have classes in the morning, club activities in the afternoon and then recruiting/guest speakers in the evening. Be prepared for a busy and packed schedule. Regarding the syllabus, I am not sure since I have no other school to compare it to, but I would think the material is the same just taught in a condensed version. The HBS and IMD case studies form a core part of the syllabus, which is the same as most US business schools.