A few more weeks before it all comes to an end. We’re not thinking too hard about it but it looms. I am back in Singapore and it has taken me a while to collect my thoughts and I’m still not fully sure how to put it all down coherently. We’re in the midst of Africa’s national (continental?) week and it is a blast. I missed two national weeks while at Wharton and it is hitting me how much of a loss it was. What strikes me the most however is the feeling of transition. We’re now the kings of campus and all the things we went through as juniors are now being seen through different eyes. From the cabaret where I finally got to take part of the famed Men’s Ballet to the different clubs that have completed their leadership transition, it is a lot of fun to see what traditions will continue and what new traditions will be created. It is great to see the excitement and buzz coming from the 13Js and some of us are like wise old mentors guiding them. I’m still nowhere near there, still trying to learn my own lesson.

All in all, it is nice to be back in the bubble with all the familiar faces, the familiar places and the familiar songs we dance to. We’re somehow still forging new friendships while also cementing old ones. The countdown continues…until the grad trip in Sri Lanka!