Cliff LimI can’t believe the year is over. My fellow batch mates are graduating with a mix of gratitude, sorrow, excitement, perhaps trepidation. Emotions are even more palpable than during my local college grad… whereas then people landed local jobs and could catch each other anytime in Manila, at INSEAD we disperse to lives and careers across the globe. The bubble has burst, and frankly I still haven’t fully come to terms with it.

One thing’s for sure though – INSEAD was AMAZING. Hype confirmed. It was rough-going for the most part – I moved through 4 apartments in a year, was repeatedly pushed out of my comfort zone, and was always exhausted. If I was asked to relive it, I probably wouldn’t. The year was absolutely magical, but another would make my head explode. It’s the type of unique experience you have once and cherish forever.

And it’s the people who made it so memorable. Shout out to all the 12Ds – indeed the best promotion ever!

So what am I off to now?

I’m happy to report that I did land a job in the gaming industry, based in Singapore. It will be a role mixing operations and business development of online games. 2 of the top 3 international publishers (Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Take-Two Interactive – take your pick) and the startup I interned in extended me offers. Not a bad hit rate for such a niche sector.  I sincerely believe INSEAD was crucial in opening those doors – two came to campus, one I networked through my professor. But it took copious amounts of networking, off-campus projects, hard work and humility to follow through.

It paid off. I’m one of the lucky few changing locations, industry and function all at once. It was exactly what I said I wanted to achieve in my admissions essay. I feel like a clichéd American Idol winner – if you can dream it, you can reach it.

Truly the best year of my life, but hopefully not the last!