I recently joined the INSEAD community (as a partner), in the last few months leading to graduation of the December 2013 promotion. Having previously worked in public relations and having a passion for producing short videos, it wasn’t long before I decided to interview and feature the remarkable and diverse individuals who come together to make up the INSEAD MBA experience.

With this series called “Life at INSEAD“, I hope to portray a real and “behind the scenes” perspective on students’ experiences and day to day lives. I also want to help viewers to get a feel of how INSEAD has impacted the students as well as their aspirations and vision.

Here’s my first interview with MBA student Guillaume Racine from Montreal, Canada:

Life at INSEAD – Meet Guillaume Racine, Canada, MBA 13D from Jessica Drolet on Vimeo.

In this video, Guillaume discusses his motivation for coming to INSEAD, his great summer internship and much more.

Here’s my second interview with MBA student Joy Kang from South Korea:

Life at INSEAD – Meet Joy Kang, Korea, MBA 13D from Jessica Drolet on Vimeo.

In this video, Joy talks about her past working experiences, the current situation in Korea, her appreciation for the Asia and Fontainebleau campuses and more.

And finally, here’s my latest interview with Giacomo Dolci, an MBA student who worked as a consultant in Milan, Italy:

Meet Giacomo Dolci, Italy, MBA 13D from Jessica Drolet on Vimeo.

In this video, Giacomo tells us about his relationships, explains why this MBA is important to him and shares some of his best memories.

I hope you enjoy them and get a better understanding of what the INSEAD MBA experience is all about! Please feel free to contact me for any feedback or ideas.

More videos will be posted shortly, stay tuned!