‘Twas the night before INSEAD, just me and my spouse
not a shirt unprepared, not even a blouse.
The suit jackets hung by the chimney with care,
In hopes that job offers soon would be there.

The pre-reads were finished, preemptively read,
while visions of interviews danced in my head.
Healthcare and tech feathers all stuck in my cap,
I’ve perused the electives, the clubs and the map.

Eight essays, two interviews, I’ve climbed that full ladder
Transcripts, the GMAT, was something the matter?
No, here I am, on the eve of the bash,
French dreams do come true, and hopefully – cash.

We’ve rented the house, leased a car for the snow
Met friends in Foundations to soften the blow.
But am I now ready, is this feeling still fear?
Mais non! It’s just zeal, says my wife in my ear.

Fontainebleau, Paris, with chateaus grown thick,
We knew in an instant INSEAD was our pick.
More rapid than deer and wild boar it approaches
This year will fly by, God bless career coaches.

The funding is in, *student loans aided by
No interest, no problem, no cost is too high!
This night is ours, this last ‘fore accounting
P1 and P2 we’ll soon be dismounting.

I spring to my Duster, to my group give a whistle,
And away we will fly like Napoleon’s missile.
And in December exclaim, as we rejoin the fight,
“To INSEAD, to Fonty, and to all a good-night!”