I nearly resisted the urge to share the P2 experience through stanza and verse, but only nearly.

The group, the organization, the unit, the core
The Goal (make money?), the achievement – much more.

We set off on P2, a startup, a clique
Now finals approach and we’ve taken our licks.

IB, Consulting, L’Oréal, Amazon
Milan, Barcelona, DASH day and beyond!

The assignments, we manage; the projects, we track
The options we’ve valued tease the C-suite we lack.

We buckle, we bend, we bow but not break
Did someone say break? Seriously, when is break? Where are you going? Can I come?

We’ve priced Mojo and Moon and convertible bonds
Passively, aggressively, we strive towards the dawn.

At daybreak we’re free! The sections reshuffled.
Some on to Singapore, some feathers well ruffled.

I’ll stay, that’s my choice. A Fontainebleau lifer.
The replicating portfolio remains but a cipher.

Some bundle, some intern, some sponsored sit pretty
Some cackle, some dawdle, some droll and some witty.

The accents and vernacular and tones still surprise
Undervalued? I’ll signal, my star’s on the rise!

It’s a new amphi for me, fresh look, different journey
In like a lion and out on a gurney.

In P3 the load lightens, they say with wry smile
Those Js are so cunning, all champagne and guile.

But it’s true, surely true, my electives well chosen
Advanced Corporate Finance… at least Fonty’s unfrozen.