This post is dedicated to our teachers and the knowledge they share.
Four months ago when I came to INSEAD to start with the Business Foundation Programme, I did not even know what Time Value of Money is. At the end of P2, I can actually (try to) calculate a simple valuation for a convertible bond for an exam (I also know what accrual accounting is and where goodwill comes from, as Peter Joos pointed out). The journey has been both challenging and rewarding, but it would not have been feasible nor enjoyable without the relentless support from our professors.
Learning is a life-long endeavor, so whether you are an applicant, a candidate or an alumni, here is a few reading selections from some of the professors of the #1 business school for the world.

Peter Joos is an Associate Professor of Accounting and Control at INSEAD. Prior to (re-)joining INSEAD in 2014, Peter served on the faculty of Baruch College, MIT Sloan School of Management, Chicago Booth School of Business and INSEAD. Peter was also part of the Global Equity Research management team and served on regional Stock Selection Committees at Morgan Stanley.

Matthew Lee is an Assistant Professor of Strategy at INSEAD. Matthew’s research examines two main areas: 1) hybrid social ventures, mission-driven organisations that combine templates for organising from the business and social sectors, and 2) how corporations shape the social structures of their communities.
Ko Kuwabara is an Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour at INSEAD. He teaches a core course on leadership in the MBA programme. Professor Kuwabara’s research explores the motivational psychology of networking: who builds effective networks, what inhibits people from networking, and what can be done to promote sustained engagement in networking.
Neil Bearden is an Associate Professor of Decision Sciences at INSEAD. He holds a PhD in Cognitive Psychology from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He teaches courses on decision making, storytelling, and ethics. He himself is the subject of his current experiments. The main research question is “How can we improve our daily practices in order to increase our performance and live excellent human lives?”
Bart Zhou Yueshen is an Assistant Professor (Finance area) at INSEAD. His research focuses on the operation, organization, and regulation of financial securities markets, with specific interests on how real-world frictions and market structure affect resource allocation and information.

Pushan Dutt is a Professor of Economics and Political Science at INSEAD. His work lies at the intersection of politics, institutions and international economics. His main research examines how partisan concerns (the political ideology of parties in power) and populist concerns (inequality in income and asset distribution) play an important role in the determination of trade policies. Professor Dutt has worked as an economist at the World Bank’s Development Research Group and the Latin American and Caribbean Division, and is currently consulting for the World Bank on a major research project.

Roderick Swaab is an Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour at INSEAD and the OB PhD programme coordinator. Roderick’s research examines the impact of communication structures on negotiation, conflict resolution, and group decision-making. He also studies the emergence of hierarchies in groups and how these impact team coordination, conflict, and performance.