Hello Everyone,

My name is Shruti and I’m really excited to write my first post. I’m an Indian based out of Singapore and I have been working as a Design Entrepreneur for the past two years. During my education, I learned to design graphics and researched on Spatial Psychology which later helped me as an Artist while designing large scale art installations, and as an Interior Designer while designing hotels, bars and restaurants. After gaining experience in India and Singapore, I started my own consultancy which operated in hospitality, retail and residential space.


Why MBA, why INSEAD: Although MBA is an unconventional path for most designers, I chose to do it to gain knowledge on different aspects of successfully running any business. I want to continue working in Asia post MBA and INSEAD is ranked among the top business schools globally which has a full fledged campus in Singapore. I also connected well with various alumni who gave me the confidence that INSEAD is the right place for me. The 10-month course and overall return on investment made it a no-brainer.

INSEAD application: I believe I can truly advocate INSEAD’s commitment to diversity in not only nationalities but also backgrounds. Although I’m not a conventional applicant, INSEAD has given me the opportunity to study and further encouraged my efforts by awarding me the ‘Diversity Scholarship. I believe that highlighting unique aspects of your application play a pivotal role during the admission process.

Post acceptance, I have experienced a tide change in my career with increased connections, networking events and company presentations. I am also glad that my INSEAD experience started early with Period 0 and the Language intensive class. While Period 0 is a voluntary online course, language intensive classes were held at the INSEAD campus in Singapore for those of us who opted for French or Spanish as our exit language. I chose Spanish and besides learning a new language in the short span of three weeks, I also met some very interesting people who I can call my friends. As we prepare and move to our respective campuses, I’m keen to meet other batchmates in Singapore and look forward to an exciting year ahead.