Dear All,

Several weeks ago, I promised an entry about Zurich. Finally, here it is. Zurich was home for me; thus, this entry is also about home.

Over the last weeks, I was spending only a little time in Zurich, but the city did a great job spoiling me and reconquering my heart. Zurich, you are beautiful. I love you, more than I ever did over the last ten years during which I called you my home.

All started with a warm “welcome” in June when I landed in Zurich and was breathing in the fresh, crisp, clean air. It felt so light. Hungry after the long flight from Zurich I passed by a supermarket and got on the train home. I exchanged Thai mangoes for Swiss strawberries, not a bad deal after all.

The next two weeks I spent almost entirely in Zurich. Discovering all the changes the city made in the last six months, the many new cafés and shops and exhibitions. Swimming nearly every day in the lake and the river. Training at my old gym and exploring new workouts. Enjoying warm, yet fresh evenings while out for dinner with friends. Zurich was wonderful. After this, I spent only a few nights in Zurich, and I was not disappointed a single time.

However, it was not just the amazing summer that made me feel so good in Zurich this year. It was also my understanding for “home” in general. Finally, I accepted: I am a nomad. I feel best when I am on the move. I need change to feel alive. There is no home in terms of an actual place for me. But there is a “feeling home,” and in essence, it’s simply about being yourself, living your dreams and thus feeling happy.

After that personal and emotional outbreak, let me now give the more objective list why Zurich is such a wonderful place.

  • Extremely high quality of life. In summer, it’s swimming and other watersports in a lake with crystal clear water. In winter, it’s winter sports, less than an hour drive away. And it’s tasty water. Very important. It’s a simple, yet so beautiful moment of joy to drink the sweet water while you are taking a shower or refresh yourself when you are out on a long run and pass by one of the many fountains.
  • Big city feel without the hassle. You can find almost anything in Zurich. It might be not the XXL flagship version, but you will find it. Culture, work, entertainment. What’s more, you will be there in no time as the city is nicely compact and has an excellent public transportation and bike route system. A very diverse population and four official languages add to the international touch.
  • Amazing opportunities. You can work for nearly any kind of company in Zurich, from start-ups to big conglomerates. And you can work in many different industries. You might need to dig a little bit deeper to get beyond banking and pharma, but you will succeed at last.
  • World-class airport. Just 15 minutes away from downtown and serving an unusually high number of destinations with direct flights, the airport makes Zurich a perfect home base.
  • Reliable efficiency. Things work the way they are intended, construction sites finish on time, public transport is rarely late, and administrative paperwork is smooth and easy. What a pleasure.

Synthesis of the above: If you have the opportunity to move to Zurich for work or private reasons, don’t think twice. Just do it.

Take care,