After working for five years in the corporate world, I came to INSEAD to explore my options. I wanted to do something different during my summer break. I saw my summer as a window to explore something new.
A new country! A new culture! A new work environment!
Social Impact was the perfect match.
It would allow me to work on interesting life changing projects, as well as live a both culturally and professionally enriching experience.

I learned about PeoplePods through INSEAD Career Development Center. PeoplePods is a Philippine based startup founded by Daniel Layug , a 17D seeking to improve the lives of workers by providing dignified and affordable co-living space in our dormitory communities.

Access to housing is a basic human right, but rising rents force bottom-of-the-pyramid workers to live in sub-standard accommodations. Built using prefabrication methods, PeoplePods dormitories will provide tenants higher quality than traditional dormitories at lower prices. With PeoplePods, employees will get more take-home pay, peace of mind concerning safety, greater security, and a better quality of life due to lower tenant-density and better amenities.

It was great to work with a 100% INSEAD team. The whole experience was like an extension to my INSEAD journey but in a more vibrant culture and setting. Throughout this experience I developed start-up skills in building and overseeing a pilot project. The project was in its early stages so I was in the heat of action.
My duties were both strategic and operational. I helped design the go to market strategy for PeoplePods expansion. On the other hand, I was involved in site visits, construction activities, sales meetings, and hiring PeoplePods core team. It was great opportunity to stretch my limits and develop new skills.

This experience imposed and strengthened the altruistic values I live by. It  granted me the opportunity not only to have impact on the society in which I live but also shape the future of that community. “ Thanks” to INSEAD for allowing students to devote their time to such great initiatives through the social stipend program!



Dani Halabi is an INSEAD 18D MBA Candidate. He has worked for 5 years in the Energy sector in Scotland and United Arab Emirates. He participated in various social impact projects in Africa and south-East Asia. Always passionate about helping others and creating a positive change.