Dear All,

I joined the Business Foundation Program in December 2018, prior the beginning of the school in January 2019. This program is designed for those who haven’t worked or for those whom are not yet familiar with Finance and Accounting. With an engineering background, I thought that it would be better for me to enhance those knowledge, and to “catch up with” my classmates who already did business related works before joining INSEAD.

Both the Singy and Fonty campus hold the program. Since my starting campus is in France, I chose to do the program in Singapore to get the first image of the Singy campus before embarking upon the campus exchange decision. It was the first time that I visited the country/city. Unlike some European countries, Singapore is quite safe (you do not need to worry about the pickpockets or robberies) and convenient (lots of supermarkets open 7/24). In the mean time, the city is a mix of all kind of culture – you can easily find food from all over the world.

We had three courses: finance, financial accounting, and basic quantitative and statistic. The courses start at 9am and finish at 3pm every day. The school assigned everyone a study group, including 4 or 5 classmates with different culture and pre-INSEAD background. After the end of courses each day, we should work together with our study group to finish the homework, including practical questions and case studies.

I really enjoyed the Business Foundation Program, both the courses and the life in Singapore. After finishing the program, I collected all the video clips and made a short recap.

Hope you enjoy it 🙂