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Bryan Gunawan, MBA '17D

July 2017: Obama, Grow360, and INSEAD. Moving Forward!

My summer break in my INSEAD journey began on 1 July with one of the craziest experience ever. I MET OBAMA AND HAD A MEETING WITH HIM! It was a Jakarta Roundtable Meeting with the Obama Foundation ( which was… Continue Reading →

June 2017: Audacity, Authenticity, and Affection

This is my last month in Fontainebleau campus. I have decided to be more efficient, effective and optimum (read: greedy ?) in my INSEAD journey – after a careful consideration, given that this is my first time living abroad –… Continue Reading →

May 2017: Time to Transform… Into Oneself

May means end of P2 – buhbye internship stress! May means P3 for December class – electives! May means beginning of transformation – into oneself! At least for me, the first two periods were huge discoveries – discoveries of what… Continue Reading →

April 2017: Pressure

I was so occupied and pressured during April that I even forgot to write a post about April. :)) But many beautiful quotes talk about pressure, and many things actually turn ripe with pressure. There is a philosophy one of… Continue Reading →

March 2017: The Syndrome of Mediocrity

March starts with exams of Period 1. March proceeds with Period 2: buzzes of internship in a hectic 7-week period. March concludes with the intensity of internship interviews… and the release of P1 grades. I have to say, just to… Continue Reading →

February 2017: Ask, Don’t Beg. Give, Don’t Take. Love, and be Loved.

February. Love is always in the air. Or at least, that’s what I thought. Entering the second part of the first period of the INSEAD experience, for some reason things begin to wear me out. The lessons are all around,… Continue Reading →

January 2017: Have You Seen The World?

“I see great things in you, Bryan. You should apply to INSEAD, 2016’s #1 MBA program.” Throughout my 27 years of life, I had never thought fondly of formal education. I had always seen it as a formality, simply a… Continue Reading →

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