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Shape Your Future with Impakter

I have always had a keen interest in social impact, even at a young age. In high school, the club I was highly active in was called Global Concerns. Global Concerns was focused on making a social impact by primarily… Continue Reading →

What Are The Top Five Best Decisions You Ever Made?

The decisions I describe here changed my life and defined who I am today. Let me tell you how it all happened. 1. GOING FOR MY CHILDHOOD DREAM. At the age of 10, I knew exactly what I want to… Continue Reading →

Go Out Or Stay In?

When I received the news that my husband had been selected for the INSEAD MBA, I was obviously incredibly proud and happy for him. However, this would mean a complete turnaround in our happily married live, given that we would… Continue Reading →

My Extremely Specific Reasons for Choosing INSEAD

I’m starting INSEAD in January as part of the 19D class.  Due to the end of my predetermined job posting last week and my habit of being compulsively early, I’ve already arrived in Fontainebleau and have plenty of time to… Continue Reading →

Working to Level the Playing Field for Foreign-Educated Immigrants

This past summer, I worked for the Institute for Canadian Citizenship, a national charity in Canada that delivers programs and projects aimed at fostering inclusion of immigrants. I was hired to investigate and produce a report on the barriers that… Continue Reading →

Impact Investing

Having worked in the financial market for more than 10 years, I decided to come to INSEAD not only expecting to broaden my knowledge and skills, but also looking for the next step I should take in my career. Somehow,… Continue Reading →

What are my chances of getting in Columbia Business School and INSEAD?

Having applied to IMD, INSEAD and COLUMBIA Business School, I got accepted at the last two schools. My choice was INSEAD. The question you might want to ask is what YOU need to do to get in the world’s best… Continue Reading →

Creative partnerships for new impact models

Unlike most of my INSEAD class-mates, I had lived and worked in a single country prior to stepping foot on the snowy Fontainebleau campus in January 2018. That country is South Africa, a vibrant nation with a scarred history. South… Continue Reading →

What Do You Google?

I love free books. Last week I borrowed Everybody Lies –by the way INSEAD Library and Europe CE Library both worth a visit!  This book is a best seller written by economist Stephens Davidowitz on ”Big Data, New Data, and… Continue Reading →

Social Impact Internship: Electrifying Rural Kenya

One of INSEAD’s application essays asks you to write about your short and long term career aspirations with your MBA from INSEAD. I wrote about building a renewable energy company to bring power to the unelectrified areas of Africa.  I… Continue Reading →

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