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Qingyun Song, MBA'18J

8 Most Valuable Lessons From My INSEAD Year

  1.Sunk cost is sunk. Get over it. We have come a long way and there will always be some unwanted and costly baggage we drag along with us. It’s painful to admit that they are actually unwanted. It’s even… Continue Reading →

Discovering Israel, the Start-up Nation

Before the business trek during the school’s P3/P4 break, there has always been certain expectation on what Israel should look like. Probably due to the images often portrayed in news of conflicts, tensions, grief… it’s no surprise that these are… Continue Reading →

In the Depth of Winter

After two periods of sunshine and humidity in Singapore, I moved to Fontainebleau campus for P3, and only P3. People are questioning why I’m going to the France campus in such a bad season, but people probably don’t understand how… Continue Reading →

Awareness and Reflection, the What and Why

It has been nearly 3 months into INSEAD. Orientation week was just like yesterday, and I’m now already at P2 and bidding for my P3 electives. Time indeed flies. P1 was intense. 8:30am classes, assignments, study group, school activities, career… Continue Reading →

Being Genuine, the Guiding Principle for My INSEAD Year

  Even up till this moment, I’m still surprised by the fact that my MBA will officially kick off in a week’s time, even though I have been preparing myself for it for almost a year. But actually I should… Continue Reading →

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