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Victor Low, Class of December 2012, Canadian


A few more weeks before it all comes to an end. We’re not thinking too hard about it but it looms. I am back in Singapore and it has taken me a while to collect my thoughts and I’m still… Continue Reading →

The Wharton Exchange

  “If you want to get anything out of Wharton, you will have to put in a lot of work”, said Mik, one of the first Whartonites I met in Philly about a month ago. It was unusual advice but… Continue Reading →

Building a Community in Silicon Valley

  I am sitting at San Francicso International Airport trying to fully absorb the last week. ‘Building a Business in Silicon Valley’ (BBSV) is one of the business treks offered by INSEAD and I was just curious to see what… Continue Reading →

Singy Days, Fonty Nights

As always, it is a mad dash at INSEAD. This period has been particularly hectic due to my move to Fontainebleau. The transition has not always been smooth. Some conveniences we took for granted back in our home campus are… Continue Reading →

Review Session

As Ryan mentioned, a few of us are moving to Fontainebleau and it is with a heavy heart that I say goodbye to a wonderful group of people here in Singapore and to the batch in France, I look forward… Continue Reading →

Coming together

It is slowly hitting me that there are about 3 more weeks of P2 and then it’ll be time for the great migration where some of us will be leaving to France, others will be going to Singapore. It does… Continue Reading →

Round 2

After a hectic P1 and an even crazier exam schedule, I had the opportunity to travel to India to attend a wedding. It was blissful and a welcome break from school. However, period two has begun and it seems that… Continue Reading →

Inflection point

It is week 3 already. We’re getting the hang of things (or so we think), routines are slowly developing but classes are still coming at us hard and fast. I think they may actually be accelerating. We got a slight… Continue Reading →

Outward Bound, Inward Looking

“The challenges you will face are no match for the forces that have brought you to that moment” -Dean Dipak Jain That was one of the quotes that stuck with me as I walked out of the Claude Tuulikki Janssen… Continue Reading →

Part of the family

When I told my relatives I was going to apply to INSEAD, they all pretty much asked the same questions: “Where?” and “Why there?” and honestly I had only a vague idea at that point. I knew it had a… Continue Reading →

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