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Abu Dhabi Module

Like Rain in the Desert

A good Egyptian friend once told me, if you want to learn how build cities from scratch go to the UAE. Having spent the last two months in the Abu Dhabi campus, I couldn’t agree more. Geographically, the United Arab… Continue Reading →

Dust Tastes Great

After seven intense weeks in Singapore, 20 of us flew to Dubai to attend an exceptional networking event hosted by INSEAD. But no trip to Dubai is complete without Quad biking. Little did I know that numerous instances were befittingly… Continue Reading →

Halfway through the World – P3 in Abu Dhabi

Today is Sunday, February 3rd. It’s the first work day in February in Abu Dhabi. The official first work day of our second half of the INSEAD MBA program. The 40+ of us in Abu Dhabi just spent the entire 8… Continue Reading →

More than Oil and Shopping Malls

Before the campus exchange to Abu Dhabi, I had little knowledge about the UAE. The impression was limited to desert, oil, shopping mall, hot summer and religion. Although I sometimes saw my friends showing their excited selfies with the exotic… Continue Reading →

Echoes of Islamic Finance in Piketty, Porter, and Lagarde

For most people when hearing about Islamic finance for the first time, the new term usually begs the question, “What’s different about Islamic finance compared to regular finance?” I get asked this question quite often, and it’s difficult to know… Continue Reading →

The INSEAD MBA Experience Arrives in Abu Dhabi!

After 10 days of travelling through the relative wilderness of East Africa, my Etihad flight made a smooth landing at Abu Dhabi’s International Airport. My journey to a brand new continent had just ended, but another, entirely different adventure was… Continue Reading →

Immersion in Abu Dhabi Part 2

On 25 February 2013, 37 of us left snowy Fontainebleau and sunny Singapore to spend our entire P2-P3 break in Abu Dhabi for the second leg of the module.  The week, with a typical day starting at 9am and ending… Continue Reading →

Of camel polo and career fairs

As the plane touches down in Abu Dhabi, I groan and stretch sleepily. It is just past 7am, and as is always the case when we are in town, we Abu Dhabi pioneers have a punishing schedule ahead of us…. Continue Reading →

After a Module in Abu Dhabi, on to Singapore

We stepped out of the air conditioned baggage claim area and into the soft blanket of heat that quickly wrapped around us.  A classmate from Nigeria said, “We just moved to Asia,” and just like that, we had. Singapore in… Continue Reading →

Abu Dhabi: A possible move?

  The Abu Dhabi module is a great opportunity for participants to find out more about the region and to meet some of the companies based in the region. However, for me, a big part of the trip was to… Continue Reading →

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