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Fontainebleau, France

My Favorite Weekend at INSEAD: Basque Country

I was reluctant to sign up for another big group trip, as this generally means less independence, and sometimes leads to more confusion. Four months into the 10-month program, I was no longer going on trips with most of my… Continue Reading →

So You Want to Live in France?

“What’s it like to live in a small French town surrounded by woods?” If you join INSEAD on its Europe campus, you will be coming to Fontainebleau. You might have been to France before or have heard some stereotypes (whether… Continue Reading →

INSEAD: The Muggle Version of Hogwarts

As a huge Harry Potter fan, after realizing that I would never receive a Hogwarts acceptance letter, I didn’t think there would any other school giving me the same satisfaction. I wasn’t quite right. Here I am at INSEAD –… Continue Reading →

Everyday is day 1 at INSEAD

… except you get to build stronger relationships with 300+ bright minds as each day goes by. You can bet that no one day is like another in this unique, exhilarating and rewarding environment. On my very first day at… Continue Reading →

Day in the Life of an INSEAD student

As the end of P1 is nigh, I thought it’s about time I start recording my INSEAD experience. Overall, this first term has been chaotic, thrilling, perplexing, and a lot of fun. I suppose it was €14,700 well spent. Inspired… Continue Reading →

First Impressions

They say that first impressions last for a long time. In my case, I hope that it’s true because the first impressions I have had of INSEAD in the Orientation Week have been nothing short of amazing. Overeager to start… Continue Reading →

Celebrating 15 years of the INSEAD-Wharton Alliance

The INSEAD-Wharton Alliance video discusses 15 years of successful collaboration: early days, innovations and future plans for the Alliance. It was in March 2001 that the INSEAD-Wharton MBA Alliance Program was formed. At the time, some 15,147 km away (or… Continue Reading →

Where did it all begin?

What are the classes going to be like? What kind of experience will it be to meet and make friends with people from so many different countries all over the world? Am I going to stay on top of everything?… Continue Reading →

Diversity at INSEAD and the people you meet

When I was researching about MBA schools last year, I asked alumni what made INSEAD so special from others.  Diversity, they said. You will not find more nationalities in a single location anywhere else than INSEAD. The international outlook it… Continue Reading →

This is INSEAD Time

Before leaving for school, people told me about the phenomenon that is called “INSEAD FOMO”, and that I should learn to fight it. I was also told that the FOMO is a by-product of INSEAD time: time that is both… Continue Reading →

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