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Getting ready for INSEAD after admission

Late nights of preparing for the GMAT, writing application essays and preparing for the interviews have come to an end. I was at work when my wife informed me that a lady from INSEAD called and wanted to talk to… Continue Reading →

The Hunt: Finding Housing in Singapore

Day 1, Apartment Viewing #3, Rental Agent #1 – Me: “Apparently I am not making myself clear; we are not going to rent an apartment with a squatty potty.” Although our rental agent had assured me that he was working… Continue Reading →

Moving just down the road…

Leaving Paris?? Unlike many of the INSEAD students, we already were living in France before the MBA application process even started, so maybe on first impressions this does not seem such a big adjustment. However, Fontainebleau is 60km south of… Continue Reading →


INSEAD has fabulous living options.  There are the chateaux of Villecerf, Tavers and Montmelian deep in the French forest.  There are Club 16, Vivante and Foch if you want to live closer to campus but still in a social environment… Continue Reading →

Student Accommodation in Fontainebleau

Since my last post, I’ve received some questions about how I ended up with no housing in Fonty for P1. I didn’t mean to cause any alarm. I should probably clarify that my predicament was the result of my unique… Continue Reading →

Goodbye seems to be the hardest word

One post after the other my fellow bloggers and I wrote about how amazing, incredibly valuable and most of all super cool this MBA experience was. And I won’t tell you otherwise in this blog. It really was an amazing,… Continue Reading →

A day in the life of a P5…

Life in P5 couldn’t be any better, and it also couldn’t be any different from P1. Today, I set my alarm for relatively early in the morning to make the most of the gorgeous French sunshine. I now live in… Continue Reading →

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