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Life at INSEAD

The art of losing

The first two months at INSEAD (Period 1) has been a roller-coaster ride. It has demanded me to be an organizational freak, to be excellent at managing time and to master saying no more often. Hence, I have already failed… Continue Reading →

Awareness and Reflection, the What and Why

It has been nearly 3 months into INSEAD. Orientation week was just like yesterday, and I’m now already at P2 and bidding for my P3 electives. Time indeed flies. P1 was intense. 8:30am classes, assignments, study group, school activities, career… Continue Reading →

Takeaways from INSEAD’s Inaugural Cross-Campus MBA Partners’ Day

November 14th, 2017 at the INSEAD campus was a day dedicated to an important part of the business school community, MBA Partners. A full day of pitches, reciprocity rings, networking, presentations and a cross-campus Panel discussion. The aura in the… Continue Reading →

3 Things I Learnt From My Relationship With an MBA Student

Being in a relationship with an MBA student (or B-schooler) is like one of those things when people say, “You have nothing to worry about,” but what they actually mean is, “Nothing can prepare you for this.” So simply the… Continue Reading →

Musings from P1

It’s been a little over two months since I first stepped foot into INSEAD, and here we are: the last day of final exams. To say that time has flown by quickly is an understatement. As I look back at… Continue Reading →

Onwards and Upwards

And like a flash, we are done with P1, i.e. our first academic period, i.e. one of the most intense two-month periods of my life. Highlights from this (very short) timespan include: a million and a half group meetings and… Continue Reading →

INSEAD experience: 4 for 1

When I visited INSEAD for the first time almost four years ago, I was pregnant with my daughter, Jeanne. Augustin, my son, lived the MBA Application from inside since I was pregnant with him during the GMAT, the application essays… Continue Reading →

Reflections two-thirds into P1

I remember quite well my first day of school in the US.  I was almost eight years old, and had only moved a month prior after growing up most of my life in Brussels.  Despite months of anticipation and excitement… Continue Reading →

3 things to bring to INSEAD

The first five weeks at INSEAD have flown by so fast that I feel I need an Alcubierre drive to keep up. The Alcubierre drive was something I didn’t even know existed before I talked with my classmate from NASA. In… Continue Reading →

The First 30 Days…A Reflection!

So wow. How do I begin to describe the last (and my first) month at INSEAD?   Let me begin by telling you it’s doesn’t feel like a month – I’d say a solid three-four at least. The time dilation… Continue Reading →

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