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Life at INSEAD

September 2017: Three Different Worlds

I find it very hard to believe as soon as September unfolds, we are already entering the 9th month of the 12 months of the brief experience. This month was very unique and I had mixed feelings. The experience was… Continue Reading →

Bittersweet Symphony

P2 is almost over. The light at the end of the tunnel, basically the long holidays, are finally in sight. This period’s exams are a bit of a nightmare with no breaks for studying. You finish classes one day and… Continue Reading →

INSEAD and I go back a long way. Kind of?

I first heard about INSEAD when I interned at Standard Chartered Bank back in 2011. There was a lady who worked on my level from INSEAD ’08. At that time, I had never come across the school before and I… Continue Reading →

The most important lesson I learned at INSEAD

Talking to alumni before starting INSEAD, I was told that this year would be very intense. “The content of a full MBA programme is squeezed in ten months, but the intensity is not limited to the academic level”, they said…. Continue Reading →

Leading, and Not Lagging, at the INSEAD Women in Business Conference

Many subjects were discussed at the second annual INSEAD Women in Business (IWiB) conference, from diversity and gender balance to retention and engagement in the workplace.   Ilian Mihov, INSEAD’s Dean, opened the conference. He spoke on INSEAD’s efforts to… Continue Reading →

Of Subways, Coconuts and The Fifty Shades of Humanity…

“There was once a man named Klaus. As disciplined and organized as he was, he meticulously planned every single detail of his life to a great level of precision. He planned every day of his life down to its single… Continue Reading →

Being human: A behavioral guide to the MBA experience

Several weeks ago Richard Thaler won the Nobel memorial prize in Economics for his contributions to behavioral economics”. Fifteen years earlier, Daniel Kahneman, professor of psychology and public affairs, once called the “Beyoncé of behavioral sciences”, won the same prize… Continue Reading →

Be Intentional About the Change We Want To See

I strongly believe that change will not happen with lip service and good intentions. This is exactly why I have taken it upon myself to be a catalyst for change by talking openly about my own actions at work. In… Continue Reading →

The INSEAD Triangle and Keeping It Together

“I’ve never worked this hard in my entire life, and I’ve never slept this little either.” My classmate who’s a consultant laughs when I say this. “Consulting is a lot harder than this,” He replied, “INSEAD is like a break… Continue Reading →

Fall Musings

In another week’s time, it will be three months since I arrived in the town of Fontainebleau. There’s a bug going around the ’18Js at the moment and I am down with a flu. Which is a good thing because… Continue Reading →

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