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Life at INSEAD

July 2017: Obama, Grow360, and INSEAD. Moving Forward!

My summer break in my INSEAD journey began on 1 July with one of the craziest experience ever. I MET OBAMA AND HAD A MEETING WITH HIM! It was a Jakarta Roundtable Meeting with the Obama Foundation ( which was… Continue Reading →

June 2017: Audacity, Authenticity, and Affection

This is my last month in Fontainebleau campus. I have decided to be more efficient, effective and optimum (read: greedy 😝) in my INSEAD journey – after a careful consideration, given that this is my first time living abroad –… Continue Reading →

Letter to my younger “Pre-B-School Partner” self

Dear 26-year-old Mona, First thing first, on day one of Orientation week at INSEAD, chill out. No one’s going to bite you. Everyone is friendlier than they seem on that first day. Your B-schooler’s classmates, MBA partners, professors, visiting professionals… Continue Reading →

May 2017: Time to Transform… Into Oneself

May means end of P2 – buhbye internship stress! May means P3 for December class – electives! May means beginning of transformation – into oneself! At least for me, the first two periods were huge discoveries – discoveries of what… Continue Reading →

April 2017: Pressure

I was so occupied and pressured during April that I even forgot to write a post about April. :)) But many beautiful quotes talk about pressure, and many things actually turn ripe with pressure. There is a philosophy one of… Continue Reading →

Tempus Fugit

Already the end of P3, it feels like only yesterday that P1 ended, let alone P2… After an amazing P1 and a stunning break climbing volcanoes in Indonesia for 4 days, I started P2 already tired…. Little did I know… Continue Reading →

My Favorite Weekend at INSEAD: Basque Country

I was reluctant to sign up for another big group trip, as this generally means less independence, and sometimes leads to more confusion. Four months into the 10-month program, I was no longer going on trips with most of my… Continue Reading →

The Masochists Curse

  Pain makes me grow. Growing is what I want. Therefore, for me pain is pleasure. –Arnold Schwarzenegger Masochism, in general terms, refers to the enjoyment of an activity that appears to be painful or tedious. In this context enjoyment… Continue Reading →

A Diversity of Experiences

On its website, under “Why the INSEAD MBA”, the school lists eight significant qualities that differentiate it from other programs (for the record, all absolutely accurate). The second item on the list states “The Most Diverse MBA” and qualifies that… Continue Reading →

Anti-Social Networking

Your first day at INSEAD is simultaneously similar to and radically different than your first day at any new school. There is a large measure of uncertainty mixed into your general apprehension (or excitement) at the prospect of meeting a… Continue Reading →

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