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Life at INSEAD

P2: Over in a Flash

  Well, that escalated quickly… It’s the last week of class here in P2 and we have our first finals in 4 days.  Somehow this period managed to fly without I or most of my classmates noticing.  I guess this is what… Continue Reading →

Japan Trip -Discover Authentic Japan

P3/P4 break is one of my best experience in INSEAD so far –  My teammates and I organized a one-week trip to Japan, bringing 40 other students to our beloved country. Though Tokyo and Kyoto are by far the most… Continue Reading →

Discovering Israel, the Start-up Nation

Before the business trek during the school’s P3/P4 break, there has always been certain expectation on what Israel should look like. Probably due to the images often portrayed in news of conflicts, tensions, grief… it’s no surprise that these are… Continue Reading →

In Search of Home

As a girl of Indian descent growing up in Chicago, I was taught to regularly seek blessings from elders in the family, particularly my paternal grandmother. She would place her hand on my head, and pray that I would be… Continue Reading →

Like two mirrors facing each other

Dear reader, Before you begin reading this post, keep in mind that it’s not a quick read. It goes a few levels deeper than what I usually share. So, grab a coffee and dig in! If you’d like a lighter… Continue Reading →

Feeling At Home

Dear All, While discovering Phuket these past few days, I would never have expected to feel like I was back “home in Russia” as a child. This experience was so fascinating to me and it initiated so many memories, or… Continue Reading →

The culture of feedback

Over the last weekend of February, three other classmates and I were in Barcelona for a three-day case competition hosted by IESE and sponsored by Roland Berger. Less than 2 months into the MBA and there we were: our first… Continue Reading →

Walking the line

On the brink of finishing P1 now, a delightful anticipation is building inside of me because I know that I will finally have some time to sit back, relax and continue reading (hopefully until the end, before the intensity of… Continue Reading →

First Impressions

“A stunning first impression was not the same thing as love at first sight. But surely it was an invitation to consider the matter. “ – Lois McMaster Bujold, American author   My first impressions of my INSEAD MBA course, as I hurtle towards the… Continue Reading →

The end of P3 – starting my 10 weeks out of Fonty…

It seems fitting that the first time in 2018 that I have the time and muse to write down my thoughts is at 4 a.m. at the busy and loud airport in Doha during a 12h layover with an Australian… Continue Reading →

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