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So You Quit Your Job to Live Life as a B-School Partner for the next year… Now What?

After hours of discussions and careful consideration, you’ve quit your job and will join your B-Schooler on a journey. “Do I stay or do I go?”—it’s a question that goes through everyone’s mind when their significant other gets accepted into… Continue Reading →

Letter to my younger “Pre-B-School Partner” self

Dear 26-year-old Mona, First thing first, on day one of Orientation week at INSEAD, chill out. No one’s going to bite you. Everyone is friendlier than they seem on that first day. Your B-schooler’s classmates, MBA partners, professors, visiting professionals… Continue Reading →

Discover your Inner Entrepreneur

Entering INSEAD as a 16J Partner, I viewed the coming year as an endless stream of potential paths, but one avenue I didn’t expect to go down was towards the start-up world. However, one can say that at INSEAD there… Continue Reading →

Is your Significant Other thinking of attending INSEAD?

MBA programs, or B-schools, have negative connotations when it comes to maintaining personal relationships. However this is rarely the case, and most of the time it is quite the opposite. The potentials of personal and professional rewards as a Partner… Continue Reading →


By Naz Mirza, partner of Rashad Mirzayev, INSEAD MBA’14D Pamela Druckerman, Gina Ford and Lucy Atkins are just some of the major names that have somehow shaped the minds of so many parents all around the world: from Azerbaijan to… Continue Reading →

Preparing for Separation

Klanti amar khama koro prabhu Pathe jodi pichiye pori kobhu — Rabindranath Tagore If I ever fall behind on the path If I ever get tired, forgive me Lord — Rabindranath Tagore I’m sitting in my small room looking over… Continue Reading →

An INSEAD convert: How I ended up in 15J

I opened my groggy protesting eyes slowly. The Mac on the bedside table demanded attention—my application essays for INSEAD had all of 3 lines written so far! Ringing a bell for a morning Milo, I stretched to get my laptop…. Continue Reading →

The beginning – for a partner.

A week hasn’t even passed yet, and it already feels like a month. Settling down. The house. The meetings to attend. New people. Knowing where you can buy stuff. Not too sure what to do, but at the same time… Continue Reading →

Life at INSEAD – videos by an MBA partner

I recently joined the INSEAD community (as a partner), in the last few months leading to graduation of the December 2013 promotion. Having previously worked in public relations and having a passion for producing short videos, it wasn’t long before… Continue Reading →

Start of P1 – Blink! And The World around us changed…

As we finished our holiday in South of France and Croatia (both highly recommended btw!), we were greeted by a strange bittersweet sensation. On one hand there was the excitement leading to the orientation week and on the other hand,… Continue Reading →

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