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Preparing for INSEAD

Letter to my younger “Pre-B-School Partner” self

Dear 26-year-old Mona, First thing first, on day one of Orientation week at INSEAD, chill out. No one’s going to bite you. Everyone is friendlier than they seem on that first day. Your B-schooler’s classmates, MBA partners, professors, visiting professionals… Continue Reading →

Tempus Fugit

Already the end of P3, it feels like only yesterday that P1 ended, let alone P2… After an amazing P1 and a stunning break climbing volcanoes in Indonesia for 4 days, I started P2 already tired…. Little did I know… Continue Reading →

The Five Steps to Networking Success

As a graduate of the INSEAD Class of December 2016, I can truly say that your time at INSEAD is transformational. Reflecting back on my year at INSEAD and looking forward, I would agree with many graduates who say that… Continue Reading →

So You Want to Live in France?

“What’s it like to live in a small French town surrounded by woods?” If you join INSEAD on its Europe campus, you will be coming to Fontainebleau. You might have been to France before or have heard some stereotypes (whether… Continue Reading →

Day in the Life of an INSEAD student

As the end of P1 is nigh, I thought it’s about time I start recording my INSEAD experience. Overall, this first term has been chaotic, thrilling, perplexing, and a lot of fun. I suppose it was €14,700 well spent. Inspired… Continue Reading →

January 2017: Have You Seen The World?

“I see great things in you, Bryan. You should apply to INSEAD, 2016’s #1 MBA program.” Throughout my 27 years of life, I had never thought fondly of formal education. I had always seen it as a formality, simply a… Continue Reading →

Taking the road less traveled to the MBA

Whenever I introduce myself to my fellow classmates here, the most common response I hear is “you were made for INSEAD!” While I’d believed this myself when I was applying, it’s reassuring to hear it from the Admissions Committee when… Continue Reading →

A Matter Of Importance

There is this point in time: right before the program commences and just after you have been issued your visa, or made your housing deposit, or whatever the last item on your to-do list of pre-INSEAD preparation may be. It… Continue Reading →

IN-SEAD on my mind

It was in the summer of 2014 when I met an alumnus of INSEAD at a party. His personality, charisma and knowledge were contagious. Ever since I had started to think of an MBA, INSEAD has been at the back… Continue Reading →

The INSEAD Experience Before INSEAD

Networking is one of the many keywords you start hearing when you decide you’re going to attend a business school. My formal introduction to networking happened during a visit in Oct ’15, to a friend studying for an MBA at… Continue Reading →

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