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The No. 1 step you MUST take before launching your portfolio career.

Unlike other career moves, a portfolio career shift – especially a drastic one where you leave your corporate job altogether and launch into new, unrelated areas of work  – takes a lot of introspection. If you’ve made the leap, you… Continue Reading →


This morning when starting my computer, the desktop paper read, “Because people matter”. It made me think who matters to me? And, who do I matter to? I thought about how it has become important to me to matter in… Continue Reading →

6 Surefire Ways to Know if a Portfolio Career is Right for You

When I started this blog, I received lots of questions about what a portfolio career actually is. As I define it, a portfolio career is a professional and lifestyle choice where you integrate the activities that motivate you, give you… Continue Reading →

What Do You Google?

I love free books. Last week I borrowed Everybody Lies –by the way INSEAD Library and Europe CE Library both worth a visit!  This book is a best seller written by economist Stephens Davidowitz on ”Big Data, New Data, and… Continue Reading →

The cost of ambition

THIS PHRASE CAME UP FOR ME SEVERAL TIMES THIS WEEK AND IT STUNG. IT STUNG HARD. What do I, as a coach/Career Adventurist, stand for when it comes to prioritising my multiple commitments — marriage, kids, family, friendships, work, money,… Continue Reading →

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion has been a topic particularly close to my heart – from my undergraduate in Social Anthropology (yes they allow people to do this degree!) through to working in the Middle East with an organization providing a mentoring… Continue Reading →

How a mindfulness practitioner got re-minded to be mindful!

I read a lot online during my daily commutes and yes the occasional listicle is valuable. Heck, I even write them myself! But I increasingly find myself rolling my eyes – one of my superpowers if you ask my husband… Continue Reading →

Three things to do to break out of your profession and thrive!

Networks…we all know about them, are part of them and create them. In my previous article, I wrote about how I ended up as what I now term a Career Adventurist – exploring different roles, industries and sometimes doing two or… Continue Reading →

How I switched careers multiple times without ever applying for a job…

So this is how it started. It was year 2000, and I’d been working as a lawyer all of two years. And I disliked it, to put it mildly. I was stressed out, doing the work of two people (I… Continue Reading →

Saying “I’m Sorry”

  I am sure a number of you have read the New York Times article about women in tech and their experiences of sexual harassment in the industry.  The article named a number of men in tech and gave specific… Continue Reading →

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