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The cost of ambition

THIS PHRASE CAME UP FOR ME SEVERAL TIMES THIS WEEK AND IT STUNG. IT STUNG HARD. What do I, as a coach/Career Adventurist, stand for when it comes to prioritising my multiple commitments — marriage, kids, family, friendships, work, money,… Continue Reading →

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion has been a topic particularly close to my heart – from my undergraduate in Social Anthropology (yes they allow people to do this degree!) through to working in the Middle East with an organization providing a mentoring… Continue Reading →

How a mindfulness practitioner got re-minded to be mindful!

I read a lot online during my daily commutes and yes the occasional listicle is valuable. Heck, I even write them myself! But I increasingly find myself rolling my eyes – one of my superpowers if you ask my husband… Continue Reading →

Three things to do to break out of your profession and thrive!

Networks…we all know about them, are part of them and create them. In my previous article, I wrote about how I ended up as what I now term a Career Adventurist – exploring different roles, industries and sometimes doing two or… Continue Reading →

How I switched careers multiple times without ever applying for a job…

So this is how it started. It was year 2000, and I’d been working as a lawyer all of two years. And I disliked it, to put it mildly. I was stressed out, doing the work of two people (I… Continue Reading →

Saying “I’m Sorry”

  I am sure a number of you have read the New York Times article about women in tech and their experiences of sexual harassment in the industry.  The article named a number of men in tech and gave specific… Continue Reading →

Bracing for change: 3 Tips on how to prepare for your next phase

A while ago, I got to talking with an long-time friend who really is one of those awe-inspiring women. A high flying executive, and mom of two who ferries her kids between classes and admittedly “could write an assessment book”… Continue Reading →

Task Purpose vs. Task Action

Resy is a mobile app for people who love eating out at great restaurants but hate hassling for reservations. It allows diners to pay for access to hot tables on tight timelines. One of Resy’s co-founders is Ben Leventhal, who… Continue Reading →

Who are the most successful INSEAD job hunters?

The INSEAD “On Campus Recruitment” (OCR) period is approaching and I find myself asking, who of the students will be the most successful in finding their dream jobs?  I recently just had my one-year anniversary at INSEAD and I have… Continue Reading →

The Customary Post World Cup Blog

Well the World Cup is over – and the INSEAD community was proud to celebrate a French win.  As a Brit, maybe because expectations were so slow (historical football performances, ramshackle Brexit and so), I was glad to see a… Continue Reading →

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