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Reflections on the Discover Israel Trip

“So the Lord scattered them from there over all the earth.” Genesis 11:8, Hebrew Bible With the Discover Israel course over, we returned to our hostel to pack our bags and go our separate ways. Unlike the usual excitement and… Continue Reading →

“Disruption” and “Innovation” are Overrated

Having just concluded INSEAD Fintech Club’s first company trek (we visited Aviva Digital Garage, Curve, iwoca, Techstars, TransferWise, and VentureFounders) I thought it would be interesting to get a sense of what participants thought about the visits. After plugging in the… Continue Reading →

Discover Israel: Start-up Nation

Israel is a remarkable, fascinating and controversial country, bursting with energy, innovation, attractions and interesting challenges. With (by far) the highest number of start-ups per capita of any country, and massive venture capital investments, Israel is one of the world’s… Continue Reading →

Joining London VCs Trek

Arriving at Gare de Lyon in Paris to take the Eurostar to London, I met a couple of INSEAD MBA students and started to realize why the UK is the most popular destination after graduation. It was our P4/P5 Break,… Continue Reading →

An INSEAD trek and rite of passage: the prices and the priceless!

Photo by Pedro Ricarte   An MBA costs a lot, starting with the most obvious (and well, cried over) tuition fees which can burn a hole in your pocket and pretty much ensure you take the MBA seriously as you… Continue Reading →

Indonesia Trek, July 2013

I haven’t been writing for awhile now. A lot has happened since the end of P3. I have just graduated from INSEAD andI  finally have some time to sit and write about my exciting experiences that have taken place, since… Continue Reading →

Travelling at INSEAD (Part 2)

Grey Soviet-era buildings in cold shades of monotone had long formed my mental image of Russia. This image quickly dissipated as I encountered a riot of mosaic and colorful onion domes as we braved traffic into the city center. The… Continue Reading →

Israel Trekking – It’s All About The Chutzpah

It’s been a few weeks since we finished our week-long Discover Israel Startup Nation trek. The trip was at the same time exhilarating, exhausting, and inspiring. The trek was led by Professor Ziv Carmon (faculty).  However, Keren Bagon (13D), Itay… Continue Reading →

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