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Why Run when you can Dash!

They say that you’re always running when you do an MBA. WRONG! At INSEAD, you DASH. With 4 months done in a 10+2-month program, you just can’t be okay with running. Apart from how everyone in this batch is brilliant… Continue Reading →

#1MBA #2017 #INSEAD

With tons of social, career, academic activities running in parallel during the day at INSEAD, I hardly ever have problems staying asleep at night. But on Monday January 31st, I woke up before 5am feeling somewhat uneasy. I reached out… Continue Reading →

INSEAD: MBA powered by Mindfulness

Since we arrived at INSEAD about 3 weeks ago, there’s been a tremendous amount of encouragement and support for us to develop a mindfulness practice. Yes, that’s right – the #1 international MBA program teaches its students about the importance… Continue Reading →

‘Twas the night before INSEAD…

‘Twas the night before INSEAD, just me and my spouse not a shirt unprepared, not even a blouse. The suit jackets hung by the chimney with care, In hopes that job offers soon would be there. The pre-reads were finished, preemptively… Continue Reading →


Theatre de Fontainebleau 21st December 2016 It’s in the quiver of the oral commissures at the end of every smile… in the squint after every eye-widening moment… the linger of handshakes just one microsecond longer. The pain of letting go…. Continue Reading →

Time is Flying – Six Weeks In!

With six weeks into INSEAD and P1 coming to an end, it is probably a good time to introspect on the learnings so far. The schedule has been intense right from orientation week and any available time is spent in… Continue Reading →

An “Average” INSEAD Break

Considered the most intense of the five periods, my classmates and I in Fontainebleau found P2 especially challenging given the weather conditions in France. It was already almost May and we had barely seen the sun! So, to escape the… Continue Reading →

Fairytales are for real!

I was scrubbing dishes late into the night. It had been a tiring day like any other. Wiping the perspiration from my forehead I egged on. My mind kept racing back to what had been the talk of the town. Every one… Continue Reading →

Ode to Humanity – From the World with Love

I’m in Singapore for my last few weeks at INSEAD. I’m not over there, not on the ground. I can’t feel the emotion and local vibe. But it must be palpable. In this precise moment, I miss the outdoor patios… Continue Reading →

We are never alone

A very pleasant call Months ago, riding my bicycle down through Av. Faria Lima in São Paulo, I received a call from INSEAD. That was the yes-you’ve-been-approved call I’d been anxiously waiting for. Applying for a top business school is definitely… Continue Reading →

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