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With tons of social, career, academic activities running in parallel during the day at INSEAD, I hardly ever have problems staying asleep at night. But on Monday January 31st, I woke up before 5am feeling somewhat uneasy. I reached out… Continue Reading →

INSEAD: MBA powered by Mindfulness

Since we arrived at INSEAD about 3 weeks ago, there’s been a tremendous amount of encouragement and support for us to develop a mindfulness practice. Yes, that’s right – the #1 international MBA program teaches its students about the importance… Continue Reading →

‘Twas the night before INSEAD…

‘Twas the night before INSEAD, just me and my spouse not a shirt unprepared, not even a blouse. The suit jackets hung by the chimney with care, In hopes that job offers soon would be there. The pre-reads were finished, preemptively… Continue Reading →


Theatre de Fontainebleau 21st December 2016 It’s in the quiver of the oral commissures at the end of every smile… in the squint after every eye-widening moment… the linger of handshakes just one microsecond longer. The pain of letting go…. Continue Reading →

Time is Flying – Six Weeks In!

With six weeks into INSEAD and P1 coming to an end, it is probably a good time to introspect on the learnings so far. The schedule has been intense right from orientation week and any available time is spent in… Continue Reading →

An “Average” INSEAD Break

Considered the most intense of the five periods, my classmates and I in Fontainebleau found P2 especially challenging given the weather conditions in France. It was already almost May and we had barely seen the sun! So, to escape the… Continue Reading →

Fairytales are for real!

I was scrubbing dishes late into the night. It had been a tiring day like any other. Wiping the perspiration from my forehead I egged on. My mind kept racing back to what had been the talk of the town. Every one… Continue Reading →

Ode to Humanity – From the World with Love

I’m in Singapore for my last few weeks at INSEAD. I’m not over there, not on the ground. I can’t feel the emotion and local vibe. But it must be palpable. In this precise moment, I miss the outdoor patios… Continue Reading →

We are never alone

A very pleasant call Months ago, riding my bicycle down through Av. Faria Lima in São Paulo, I received a call from INSEAD. That was the yes-you’ve-been-approved call I’d been anxiously waiting for. Applying for a top business school is definitely… Continue Reading →

We only have what we give – about the non-for-profit route to business school

INSEAD Blog Series on Diversity At INSEAD, we put diversity at the heart. As most of us already have come to know, the 14J class is an extraordinary mix of vibrant, inspirational and exceptional people. This is the eighth article… Continue Reading →

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