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Why an MBA

Is INSEAD Better Than Harvard Business School?

It is a great question to ask, as you can get insider views on the pros and cons of both schools. Before I selected INSEAD MBA as a school of my choice, of course, just like you, I was asking… Continue Reading →

Chicago fever

Dear All, I am in love, once again. This time, it’s Chicago. By now you might wonder whether I fall in love with every city I move to, and indeed, there is a pattern. It’s a family thing. However, in… Continue Reading →

Is INSEAD Worth the Investment?

Is INSEAD worth the investment? Would you do it if you’re earning close to 300k/year in your thirties? Because you are asking this question, perhaps, you want to change something about this 300k salary job. If you do… the question… Continue Reading →

A Thrilling Start

Why Does a Doctor Need an MBA? For the past ten years, I have been working as a physician, and I feel this duration is long enough to remain in my comfort zone. The past year has been really interesting… Continue Reading →

Designing a Career in Fashion Tech

Hi everyone! Melissa Lim here, one of the ’19J bloggers at INSEAD’s Fontainebleau campus. NB for new readers (aka my friends and family): “’19J” is INSEAD-speak for “please let me graduate in July 2019 :)” I was born in San Francisco,… Continue Reading →

Why I Chose INSEAD

Having recently landed in Singapore, my INSEAD journey feels ever more real than ever. What started as an intriguing career move 5 years ago, developed over time into a full-fledged obsession to integrate the school and represent what it stood… Continue Reading →

Pregnancy, Parenthood and Relationships during INSEAD

It’s been almost a year since you last heard from me. You can bet that a lot has changed: the cohort I started with, ’18J, has graduated; I’m the mother of an 8-month old boy, I’m doing an internship in… Continue Reading →

Feeling the void? Join the club!

Are you a hard worker? Have you reached that point in your career where you believe that everything should be falling into place, yet something is just missing? Join the club! My name is Esmat and I was in your… Continue Reading →

A Social Impact Assessment Mission in Cambodia

The Background After spending over 4 years in investment banking, my main motivation to come to INSEAD was to pivot my career journey – from corporate to community. So, I was determined to spend my summer gaining experience and exposure… Continue Reading →

How I got to INSEAD

Hi everyone! First, let’s start with a little introduction: my name is Vitor, I’m a 28 year old Brazilian writing to you from Thailand, just before I begin my INSEAD journey in Singapore (Yeah it’s good to be traveling a… Continue Reading →

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