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Why an MBA

The Most Valuable Thing I Learned At INSEAD Business School

In one word, it is definitely COURAGE. It’s not really something you learn in a classroom, but rather acquire during the life-transforming year at INSEAD. To me, COURAGE translates into the ability to challenge conventions, try new things and most… Continue Reading →

The Power of Color

Diversity, whether cultural, geographic or inter-generational is a fluid concept. For some people it remains a cost, for others, it is what makes life truly vibrant. Being African is unique in the misconceptions and to some degree mystery that a… Continue Reading →

What Should I Do If I Want An MBA?

Here is the game-plan to get an MBA and some key points that you might want to consider. I will not go into philosophical questions here, assuming that you gave this idea a good amount of thinking, made your decision… Continue Reading →

How to Make the Most of Your INSEAD Experience?

It was just last week that it dawned upon me that P1, the first out of the 5 INSEAD semesters was already over! And when I received an email reminder about this article, I thought what should I write about… Continue Reading →

The INSEAD Experience – A New Angle on Diversity

I started out my career as a Telecommunications Engineer, resulting in a pre-INSEAD career that culminated in me having worked on 3 continents in over 20 countries. I came into the MBA program with what I thought was a thorough… Continue Reading →

INSEAD P1: The MBA Odyssey

After five years of woking in my previous job, I realised that my learning curve (knowledge vs time) had become shallow. Working in an engineering team, I eventually got involved in people and project management tasks. Yet the lack of… Continue Reading →

INSEAD MBA — At some time you’d like to compose a poem for it

It’s half past midnight. I have just come home from school after a long walk through a foresty neighborhood. Suddenly I felt this tenderness flying around in the air. As this mystical wind blew, I decided to pause my individual… Continue Reading →

My Extremely Specific Reasons for Choosing INSEAD

I’m starting INSEAD in January as part of the 19D class.  Due to the end of my predetermined job posting last week and my habit of being compulsively early, I’ve already arrived in Fontainebleau and have plenty of time to… Continue Reading →

What are my chances of getting in Columbia Business School and INSEAD?

Having applied to IMD, INSEAD and COLUMBIA Business School, I got accepted at the last two schools. My choice was INSEAD. The question you might want to ask is what YOU need to do to get in the world’s best… Continue Reading →

Is INSEAD Better Than Harvard Business School?

It is a great question to ask, as you can get insider views on the pros and cons of both schools. Before I selected INSEAD MBA as a school of my choice, of course, just like you, I was asking… Continue Reading →

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