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Memories from my first period at INSEAD

I am now sitting on the plane from Munich back to Singapore after my extended long weekend between Period one and two. Thanks to the invitation of Microsoft Munich to an assessment center, I could pay a short visit back… Continue Reading →

A Dynamic INSEAD

As my INSEAD journey continues, I have recognised that I really like how dynamic the classes are. At school, we learn from a variety of activities – not only the lectures or methodology, but how to apply them in teams… Continue Reading →

Success is Mutual

I’m an incoming 19D based in Fontainebleau. I previously worked at Deloitte, and before that I spent several years in Africa building maternity wards for unwed teenagers with my bare hands. In my spare time I’m an astronaut, and I… Continue Reading →

Like Rain in the Desert

A good Egyptian friend once told me, if you want to learn how build cities from scratch go to the UAE. Having spent the last two months in the Abu Dhabi campus, I couldn’t agree more. Geographically, the United Arab… Continue Reading →

The Greatest Lesson I Learnt From My Mother: Never Give Up

On this very special day, which celebrates women’s achievements worldwide, I would like to dedicate this article to women’s power and determination. I had a very strong role model growing up, my mother, who has always empowered me and shaped… Continue Reading →

My Top Asian Destinations

Surely one place you will get to know well while in Singapore is Changi International Airport. Honestly, I’ve never thought I would be excited about an airport. But Changi is different – it will be greeting you almost every Sunday… Continue Reading →

An Integrative Approach to Learning

Do you really learn anything in an MBA? One of my primary motivations for pursuing an MBA was to fill in gaps in my economics background, specifically my limited knowledge of finance and accounting.  As I researched MBA programs and… Continue Reading →

Your OWN INSEAD life

Three periods have passed already, half the program duration! I still remember the first week with all the welcoming activities as if it happened last month, and all the fun we had in the sun during breaks in the first… Continue Reading →

Dust Tastes Great

After seven intense weeks in Singapore, 20 of us flew to Dubai to attend an exceptional networking event hosted by INSEAD. But no trip to Dubai is complete without Quad biking. Little did I know that numerous instances were befittingly… Continue Reading →

Being number 1 isn’t everything

A Singaporean tax official, a Latvian urban planner and an American journalist pile into a car at 6 A.M. by the carousel in Fontainebleau. It’s not the beginning of a joke. It’s the start of a case competition. Last week,… Continue Reading →

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