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Why you should meet INSEAD’s Exit Language requirement as early as possible

INSEAD’s language policy requires all students to speak at least three languages. In cases in which English is not the native language, these three languages will be: 1 – Your native language 2 – English (called by INSEAD the “entry… Continue Reading →

Parlez-vous français?

Had I known six years ago that I would attend INSEAD and slave away to pass an A2 level language exam, I would have refrained from throwing away my college notes. Learning French is no easy business, and I uncontrollably… Continue Reading →

Limits of Your Language, Limits of Your World

I found myself asking our Accounting professor today why an “operating lease” is a form of “off-balance sheet financing”. Holy hell! I did a mental double take. Two months ago, I didn’t even know what an operating lease was. And… Continue Reading →

Everything sounds like Latin and Sanskrit?

One of the many things that INSEAD cures is the phobia of accents. If anybody ever thought they’d find it hard understanding a particular accent, they need to attend INSEAD to jump right into the deep end and immerse oneself… Continue Reading →

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